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Westie Groove

Westie Groove is a weekly dance for all WCS dancers. Regardless of your level, experience, age, or music preference you will find a home here.

Between a roster of amazing DJs and inspiring teachers and both beginner and int/adv classes available each week, Westie Groove is where you belong. It’s also the perfect place to bring those friends who are interested in experiencing WCS for the first time!

Weekly on Wednesdays

Infinity Danceport Center
7243 Engineer Rd
San Diego, CA 92111

7-8pm: Intermediate/Adv Class*
7-8pm: Free Beginner Class*
8pm – 11:30pm: Dance

*Please arrive by 7:20pm to take either class. To respect the teachers and other students, later entry will not be granted. Thank you, your punctuality is appreciated!

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Item Price Details
Full Ticket $20 Full Ticket = Intermediate Class + Dance
Class Only $15 Class Only = Taking the Intermediate Class but not staying for the dance
Dance Only $15 Dance Only = No classes, just coming to dance
Beginner Classes
Free Beginner Class Free Our Free Beginner Class is Always Free!
Free Beginner Class + Dance $10 Anyone Taking the Free Beginner Class can stay for $10
Discounts and Discount nights
Student - Full Ticket $10 With Valid Student ID
Student Carpools - Full Ticket Free With Valid Student ID, Carpool = Group of 4+
Birthday - Full Ticket Free On WG Birthday Night - If it's your Bday Month
Birthday Friends - Full Ticket Free On WG Birthday Night - Bday Dancer can bring Muggle aka Non-Dance Friends for Free
BYOB Wizard - Full Ticket Free Dancers Bringing Their Muggle Friends on BYOB Night get in FREE!
BYOB Muggle - Free Beginner Class + Dance Free Muggle Friends of Dancers Get in Free their first time @ WG!

Class Information

Beginners Class

This class requires no experience and no partner! Our fantastic team of teachers will make WCS fun and approachable while introducing you to the basic foundation of the dance.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions that will help ease any nerves or doubts you may have.

Int/Adv Class

This is a 50 minute class taught by some of the best teachers in the world of WCS! You’ll be expected to have a good command of all of the WCS Basics. We will not be going over basics in this class. We’ll move quickly. We recommend going to class on Mondays @ Starlight Ballroom (South County) or with Swing Night Out (North County) to get a good foundation to build up to our Intermediate / Advanced Class. This class will be structured with the expectation that students have knowledge and decent command over these basics:

  • Sugar Push
  • Sugar Tuck
  • Left Side Pass
  • Right Side Pass
  • Passing Tuck
  • Whip
  • Inside Turn (Left Side)
  • Double Outside Turn (Right Side)

Community Functions

Each week of the month we’ll add one ‘Community Function’ to the night, things like one week we’ll do a mixer, the next week we might do the Birthdays for that month, then the following week we might do a Jam or SS Spotlight, and then the last week maybe a quick community huddle to talk about the community or set an intention for the month. We’re going to keep the schedule flexible as this takes shape, but please expect that we’ll all be engaging in socializing and intention building.

We’ll take a moment each week to bring everyone with us into a huddle to create intention, moments of education, levity, learning, or to discuss community dynamics. We really believe in intention and communication. If we don’t talk about what we’re creating together, how do we create it!?

This week we ask that you bring someone to try our beginner class for free and in return you will get in for free too! They must take the beginner class and be brand new to Westie Groove and more or less new to WCS.

We’re going old school and creating a jam circle… grab someone you’d like to jam with and we’ll call you out one couple at a time to the circle to cut it up. Grab your phones… video away and have a blast. This really allow for 3 dynamics.. it’s super fun, it creates a space for those of us with stage fright to take steps to normalize dancing in front of people, and lastly it’s going to make for epic videos! Let’s have fun!

We’re going to invite anyone who has a birthday in that respective month to join us for a Bday dance!

If there’s an event that we think a lot of us from our community will attend, we’ll host a Prep Night… we’ll wear event shirts, talk about the event, maybe run a mock contest, or talk about what judges want. We’ll try to have prizes for fun games or contests.


Infinity Danceport Center
7243 Engineer Rd
San Diego, CA 92111

– Large, Well Lit Parking lot
– Huge Dance Floor


Please see some frequently asked questions below. Feel free to reach out to to us for any additional info on our Contact page.

YES! 100% Free! No catch. We just love to share this dance that we believe is life changing. We’re just confident most people will stick fall in love with West Coast Swing and our community will grow and flourish! 

For $20… less than a 2 hour movie and popcorn… you get 1 hour of top level instruction plus at least an additional 3 hours of social dancing to a live DJ! That’s 4 hours of learning, moving your body, curated music and the most fun you can have on a Wednesday! 

West Coast Swing (WCS) is a modern style of swing dancing that evolved from a smooth style of Lindy Hop here in California and adapted into its own dance form back in the ’50s and ’60s. Danced to a wide range of music genres, it is one of the most versatile social dances today. Known for its smooth and stretchy feel, WCS affords dancers lots of room for improvisation, creativity, and musicality. Whether you like blues, jazz, hip hop, R&B, or country, you will find WCS music that you will love dancing to.

This dance is for everyone regardless of race, age, level of dance, sexual orientation, gender/gender identity, disability, physical appearance, religion, or anything else. We hear all the time, “But I have two left feet” and “I have no rhythm.” We are going to challenge those statements and prove you wrong. WCS is for you.

There is plenty of parking in a large, well-lit parking lot.

WCS is a casual dance, and we tend to wear stuff we feel good moving in. That may mean jeans and T-shirts or something fancier. We encourage you to be you and to express yourself. Most of us dance in particular dance shoes, but sneakers and dress shoes are just as appropriate. Make sure they will stay on your feet and not stick to the floor. A quick check of personal hygiene will make you a more popular partner. Leave the heavy perfumes and colognes at home, don’t forget deodorant, and if you tend to sweat a lot, bring an extra shirt.

No! In classes, we will rotate partners throughout and during social dancing, there will be plenty of people ready and willing to dance.

Yes! Please view our Code of Conduct here.