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Westie Groove

Westie Groove is a weekly dance for all WCS dancers. Regardless of your level, experience, age, or music preference you will find a home here.

Weekly on Wednesdays

Infinity Danceport Center
7243 Engineer Rd
San Diego, CA 92111

7-8pm: Intermediate/Adv Class
7-8pm: Free Beginner Class
8pm – 11:30pm: Dance

Class & Dance $20 / Class $15 / Dance $15
Beginner Class Free
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About Us

SD Westie is your connection to the WCS community in San Diego.

We are looking to build a true sense of camaraderie amongst dancers. Whether you are brand new or have been dancing for decades, whether you travel the globe or prefer to dance just in SD, we want you here and have a place for you.

Westie Heart

New to WCS?

free Beginners Lesson

Check out our free beginner class and bring your friends. Click the button below for a list of frequently asked questions that will help ease any nerves or doubts you may have.

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Westie Heart

Next Level WCS

Weekly Int/Adv Classes

The int/adv class will be taught by one of a rotating list of local instructors and some out of town superstars. 

Meet your Team

SD Westie Core

Brandi Guild

Westie, Co-Founder, Teacher

Demetre Souliotes

Westie, Co-Founder, Teacher

Jade Bryan

Westie, Community Leader, Teacher

Chris Chung

Westie, Community Leader, Teacher

Helen Tocco

Westie, Community Leader, DJ Extraordinaire

Victor Chen

Westie, Community Advocate, Volunteer Coordinator

Aurelia Yee

Westie, Community Advocate, Web Dev & Operations

Jeff Wingo

Westie, Community Hypeman, Organizer

SD Westie Besties

Kristine Dougherty

Westie, College Initiative

Jess Greene

Westie, Community Support

Rogan Guild

Westie, Community Skipper

Tien Khieu

Westie, Community Photographer

Tori Mills

Westie, Community Nuturer

Jessica Skogberg

Westie, Fun Aunt Jess

…and maybe YOU!! …we’re always looking to add to the family! We always need help with set up, break down, door duty, social media, content capture, and good vibes!

Please let us know if you’re interested!